Friday, July 4, 2008

For Steve

Parallels Workstation v2.2.2204

Parallels Workstation v2.2.2204 | 20.91 Mb

One Machine. Multiple Operating Systems. Unlimited Possibilities.

Workstation is the most powerful, easiest-to-use, cost-effective
desktop virtual PC solution available today. It empowers any user, from
experienced professional developers to sales executives to casual home
users, with the ability to create completely networked, totally secure
independent, maximally stable virtual machines on a single physical
Trusted Technology for Powerful Performance

Workstation is a hardware emulation virtualization solution. This
stable, trusted technology maps the host computer’s hardware resources
directly to each virtual PC’s resources, allowing each virtual machine
to operate identically to a stand-alone computer. Parallels
Workstation’s sophisticated virtual machine engine enables each virtual
machine to work with its own processor, RAM, floppy and CD drives, I/O
devices, and hard disk – everything a physical computer contains.
The World’s First Hypervisor-powered Virtual PC Solution

Workstation is the first desktop virtualization solution to include a
lightweight hypervisor, a mature technology originally developed in the
1960s to maximize the power of large mainframes. Hypervisor technology
dramatically improves virtual machine stability, security and
performance by using a thin layer of software, inserted between the
machine’s hardware and the primary operating system, to directly
control some of the host machine’s hardware profiles and resources. It
not only makes Parallels Workstation-powered virtual machines secure,
stable and efficient, but also empowers users to immediately realize
the benefits associated with Intel VT hardware virtualization


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