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Gerald-Levin-on-Fear Radio brings you talk, streaming music and actual radio stations.
- Part social network, all music. The site allows you to listen to
free streaming music, build your own playlists, share them with friends
and even embed music on other sites.
- Digitally Imported specializes in streaming electronic and dance
music from all around the globe. Also offers premium upgrades for
higher bit rates. - Free streaming music from Napster Napster that includes full albums.
- Build your own playlist, as you go along, save it, and you can listen
to it again in the future. Also suggests similar songs and more. - Features a mixture of full songs and samples that you can listen to. An extremely popular app on many social networks.

- While not a Web application, the vast majority of us have it already
installed on our systems. Just click on the “Radio” link and listen to
different Internet radio stations from all over the world.
- follows what you listen to and then makes suggestions of what
else you may like, or you can also just dive right in, listening to
whatever you feel like.
- A mixture of free stations and ones only available to VIP
subscribers, it covers just about every genre of music you can think of. - A home for independent artists where you can either stream their albums, or buy them by naming your price, starting at $5.00. - A guide to over 5,000 streaming radio stations from the USA, Canada, New Zealand, Australia and Europe. - Stream the music, or download it free. Lets you jump around choosing the tunes you want to hear.
- Start with one album, listen to it in its entirety or just one track,
and then check out other artists and albums that are of a similar vein. - Collects streams from radio stations from all over, putting them in one easy to use directory.

Real Player - Download Real Player and then play free music via their Rhapsody service. - Using a program such as Winamp, choose the radio station of your choice from around the world, and “Tune In”. - Listen to their pre-built stations, or start building one of your own. - Search for music to listen to, or point it directly to a page you want to listen to, including podcasts.
- Streams music and then allows you to purchase the tracks via’s MP3 store. Site also has social aspects allowing users to
“bump” songs up playlists as well as make leaderboards by building
their own playlists.

Yahoo Music - Only works with Internet Explorer (still), but streams music from artists or by station.

Mix Tapes

mixwit-screen - Start exploring your favorite music and similar artists, create your own station and then share it with your friends. - Like Muxtape, you can create and listen to “mix tapes” and then share them with friends. - Not your typical streaming site as users make up their own “mix tapes” of up to 12 songs, and then share them with anyone.
- Create playlists and have people vote on them to make you a popular
“DJ”, or simply browse through the existing ones and listen.

Music Discovery

-A “Twitter” for music that lets you tell others what you are listening
to and embeds the music in your post, making an ever growing playlist
by following the main timeline of the site. Check out the Mashable Conversations interview with Gavin Hayes, lead singer of Dredg, we did a while back about the site. - As you find music you like, you can add it to a playlist which you can then embed in your site.
- Name your “mood” and Musicovery starts playing music based on that.
It then follows a progression based on your votes for the song, or you
can jump around on the other suggestions on the screen. - Many people were depressed when Pandora had to shut down its non-U.S. streams,
but the site lives on. Enter the name of a song or artist you like,
the site analyzes it, and builds a channel on that style of music. - Similar to Pandora in that you start with artist and then it builds a station based on that style/genre of music.

Music Search

dizzler - Search for streaming music, radio stations, video and more. - Search for music you like and Jiwa will search for streams of it. - Even though its legality has been called into question, Seeqpod allows you to search the Internet for publicly available MP3s for you to listen to.
- Like SeeqPod, Skreemr allows you to search for all of those allusive
tracks you’d rather just listen to then admit you have them on your iPod IPod .

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