Wednesday, March 18, 2009

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To-do Lists and Notes

    Remember The Milk

Stikkit - Web application used to organize your daily details. Stikkit’s integration with Mobivity allows you to create and retrieve your Stikkets from your Stikkit account via SMS.
Remember The Milk - Task management web application where you can interact with your RTM task lists via 2-way SMS using twitter.
Jott - Call and leave yourself or anyone on your contact list a note. The note is transcribed to text and sent to your Jott account/email addresses.
CellTell - CellTell + Backpack = Voice notes for your 37signals Backpack to-do list account.
ToodleDoToodledo reviewsToodledo reviews - To-do list management site, where you can access your Toodledo lists from your mobile WAP browser.
SyncNotes - Access your notes via mobile WAP browser.
motask - Simple mobile WAP browser site to manage to-do lists.
BrainCast - Record notes to yourself, log into the site and listen to them later. Also set reminders for Braincast to call you and play back a recorded message.
AirSet - Personal information manager with contacts, lists, and calendars for yourself and shared groups. Accessible via mobile WAP browser.
mindjot - Remember a product or service while on the go by sending in the mcode, you’ll be sent more information later.
reQall - Call up and record a note that gets converted to text. The note is available on your account online and emailed to you. You can also setup SMS reminders from calendars.
pingme - To-do lists with an integrated reminder system.

Calendars and Reminders

    Web Reminder

Google Calendar - Access your Google Calendar through a WAP enabled mobile browser.
GooSync - Synchronize your GoogleGoogle reviewsGoogle reviews calendar with the calendar in your mobile device.
AOL Mobile Reminders - Setup important date reminders and get notifications via SMS.
oh don’t forget - Single reminders to send to yourself via SMS. No account needed, just setup a single reminder and you’re good to go.
Jotlet - Shareable online calendars with SMS reminders.
Web Reminder - Setup multiple reminders to send to yourself via SMS.
rminder - Reminders created with text are translated to voice reminders that call you. Also has integration with major calendar applications.
Planzo - Shareable online calendars and to-do lists with SMS reminders.
bitBomb - Online Calendar with buddy lists and group SMS reminders.
Snoozester - Setup your own wakeup calls and SMS reminders.
myMemorizer - Manage your own events and have SMS reminders sent to you.
Joopz - Send group SMS, set reminders, schedule event SMS messages.
TextMemos - Another simple reminder service, works via SMS.

Email to SMS


TeleFlip - Forward your emails to your phone via SMS. Filter by time of delivery, messag sender and number of SMS messages per email.
TAPGAD - Send in a SMS to the service to request your emails to be sent to you via SMS, even reply to sender of emails through SMS.
emoze - Push Outlook emails, contacts and calendar items to your phone.

Voicemail to Text


SpinVox - Convert your voicemails to text for your email or SMS.
CallWave - Translates your voicemails and sends SMS messages to you. Also has a mobile WAP site to access and manage your messages.
SimulSays - Voicemails are translated to text, after which you can manage the messages through their mobile application.

Mobile Office Tools


scanR - Use your mobile camera phone to scan, copy and fax. Copy documents, white boards and business cards and extract the text.
Qipit - Use your camera phone to capture handwritten notes or printed documents, email or MMS them to Qipit and fax, email or publish and share them.
SoonR - Connects to your remote PC access your desktop, contacts, and files securely. Use your PC to relay Skype calls too.
GoLiveMobile Tip - Query the WikipediaWikipedia reviewsWikipedia reviews via SMS.
YAHOO! Go 2.0 - If you are a Yahoo user, you can access just about all your Yahoo applications.
flurry - Access your email, contacts and news through a full mobile application.

Mobile Search and Alerts


Google Mobile SMS - Query Google through SMS and get local directory results and other important information at your fingertips.
1-800-GOOG-411 - Call Google’s 411 service to get directory information, you can request them to send you the requested information via SMS too.
YAHOO! oneSearch - Yahoo’s new mobile search accessible via SMS or WAP enabled browser.
4INFO - Query for live sports scores, entertainment, travel, directory services via SMS.
Tellme - Call or SMS for directory services.
YAHOO! Alerts - Setup Yahoo news, stocks, weather, horoscope and other SMS alerts.
AOL Alerts - Setup AOL news, stocks, weather, horoscope and other SMS alerts.

Miscellaneous Tools

    Pinger - Give out your mobile ID for all your contact info, accessible via mobile device.
pinger - Point to point voice messaging.
Buxfer - Budget and track your expenses via SMS.
Geezeo - Access your account balance via SMS.

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