Monday, May 20, 2013

What app do you guys use to enable hotspot on metropcs?

1. Install FoxFi & the proxy plugin on your phone. This sets up a wifi hotspot but which also hides the tethering. You then manually setup up a wifi connection profile on the PB & when you want to use it you just switch to that profile. You are then online, and also hidden from tether use.

2. You do the same through bluetooth after installing either BlueDUN or PDANet onto your Android. You activate the app on your phone then activate Internet tethering on your PB- selecting your network profile. You will be warned about charges, etc. However both BlueDUN and PDANet again have the same principle - to allow data connection use from your phone whilst 'hiding' you from tether charges. BlueDUN is better (but has cost); PDANet is free.

I do use both ways. It may sound more complicated but the Wifi hotspot using FoxFi is the easiest way. Once setup you simply activate FoxFi, change your Wifi setting on PB & hey presto - you're online with data. I used this last week through my Galaxy Ace to do a video call from a coffee shop - worked superbly!

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